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Socio - cultural visa / Social Budaya ( Index:211 )

This visa is valid for 2 (two) months; it can be extended 4 (four) times; the total maximum staying is 6 (six) months.


  1. Photocopy of passport, minimum 4 pages and it is still valid for minimum 18 months.
  2. Latest photo;
  3. Documents of sponsor such as: Indonesian Resident ID Card/KTP, Indonesian Family Registry/KK, proof of having saving in Bank, phone number of sponsor.

The Prices:
The sponsor provided by the applicant : IDR 1,500,000
The sponsor provided by us (ALP) : IDR 2,500,000
The length of handling process : 5 working days.

The price has not yet included:
- Cost for visa taking in Indonesian embassy overseas;
- Cost for visa handling service agent at the time of visa taking in the Indonesian embassy  overseas;
- Cost for picking up/escort at the airport at the time of arrival/departure (if necessary).

The above price is not valid for the following 11 countries:
Afghanistan, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia.

For the above 11 countries the process to obtain the visa would be longer and the cost would be more expensive, this is because the process to obtain the visa must go through rather long and quite complicated procedures

Visa Extension.

The Price of Visiting Visa (index  211)

1. The 1st  extension is IDR. 1,100,000,- (4-5 working days).
2. The 2nd extension is IDR. 1,400,000,- (7 working days).
3. The 3rd  extension is IDR. 1,400,000,- (7 working days).
4. The 4th  extension is IDR. 1,750,000,- (7 working days).

The Price of Visiting Visa Extension (index 211) sponsored by ALP Consulting

1. The 1st  extension is IDR. 1,500,000,- (4-5 working days).
2. The 2nd extension is IDR. 1,750,000,- (7 working days).
3. The 3rd  extension is IDR. 1,750,000,- (7 working days).
4. The 4th  extension is IDR. 2,100,000,- (7 working days).

Socio-cultural visa is valid for 1 or 2 months according to the application; this type of visa may be extended every month for 4 (four) times consecutively in the immigration office, with total staying period of maximum 6 months. This type of visa is very suitable for those who come to Indonesia with socio-cultural purpose such as: visiting relatives, friends, performing research, apprenticeship, student exchange inter institution of education, art and sport, without the intention to work because the intention is for socio-culture therefore this type of visa is sponsored by individual personally or by an Institution in Indonesia and not sponsored by a company.

After we have received the documents completely, then we shall begin to file the visa application to the immigration office in Jakarta.  It takes 5 (five) working days to obtain the visa approval letter / telex visa from the immigration in Jakarta. After the visa has been granted, then the visa approval letter will be immediately delivered / emailed by the immigration in Jakarta to Indonesian Embassy overseas in accordance with what you point and also we will email the said visa approval letter to you. And further you may take the said visa in Indonesian Embassy/KBRI overseas. After obtaining the visa, you must enter Indonesia in 2 (two) months, otherwise, the visa would be no longer valid/obsolete.

For further information and requirements, you are welcome to contact us

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